Topics and Guests for April 1

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Thursday, April 1:

Was the U.S. focusing on the wrong enemy prior to Sept. 11?
Robin Wright, Washington Post writer

John Kerry won't be bouncing any babies for a few days after having shoulder surgery. But what about his political health?
Steve Murphy, Democratic strategist

The Bush White House is known more for its spending on expensive government programs like prescription drugs for Medicare than for its fiscal restraint –- until maybe now, with the Federal Highway Bill being debated in Washington
• Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska

A member of the Martha Stewart jury explains how two witnesses sealed the domestic diva’s fate in his mind. This is the same guy who said Martha’s conviction was a victory for the little guy. Now, that same juror may help Martha, because he lied on his jury application
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

A Palestinian teenager was almost a suicide bomber last week before being stopped by Israeli soldiers, but a BBC report accuses Israel of exploiting the boy for propaganda purposes
Natan Sharansky, Israeli minister

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