The Foxlight: New on DVD

"Gothika," "The Rundown," "Beyond Borders" and "Shattered Glass" are new on DVD in today's Foxlight.

Is Halle Berry crazy? Not for the men she picks -- although there is that -- is she crazy in "Gothika" (search)? It's new on DVD this week, and you may not care. Not many critics did. The Atlanta Journal Constitution called it "laughably witless." Boston Globe says it's a D-list starlet's movie that should have starred Denise Richards. Ouch. But hey, Roger Ebert -- the Mikey who likes everything -- says he cherished it in all its lurid glory, whatever that means.

Next, The Rock is on a roll. Sorry, but he is pretty good in "The Rundown." (search) Standard action stuff gets a lift from sidekick "Stiffler" from "American Pie," and the often imitated but never duplicated Christopher Walken. This feels like just the warm-up for the Rock's remake of "Walking Tall," which I can't wait for.

Angelina Jolie is beautiful. And she's a great gal to have around the United Nations. But her "Beyond Borders" (search) was beyond dreadful. It wasted one of my favorite actors -- Clive Owen. And it tried to teach us all about world hunger. I was starving for a better movie and so were most critics.

Finally, I never understood all the fuss over "Shattered Glass." (search) The true story about a kid who punks magazines like Rolling Stone and New Republic by making up stories never came together for me. I wished they made up a better script.