Iraq Much Better Off Today Than One Year Ago

A lot of people are complaining about the war President Bush started was wrong — that it was illegal, based on faulty information and that it was a scam designed to fool honest voters into going along.

I have one question for the Bush-hating, anti-war voter: Describe Iraq today — March 2004 — if there had not been a war one year ago.

Tell me how it would be better than what is there today, which is admittedly a borderline mess.

But how would it be better if Bush waited to launch an attack until an election season when he couldn't launch an attack? You may think he's crazy, but not crazy enough to do that.

How would it be better for Hans Blix (search) to be running around Iraq assuring the world he can't find any banned weapons? To have the French going around the world saying they stopped the mighty U.S. and that their good friend Saddam Hussein (search) isn't nearly as bad as that awful Bush says he is.

How would it be better to have Saddam and Uday and Qusay running Iraq... putting people in the iron maiden, making retroactive laws to legalize killing their political opponents, having teams of torturers run around the country scooping up people who said something nasty about them and then tossing them off buildings?

Would you like to see the rape teams back in business in Iraq? Somebody tell me.

That's My Word.

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