Topics and Guests: March 12

Tonight... get on the record with Greta...

She was kidnapped, sexually abused and brutally murdered. Now, as Carlie Brucia's (search) alleged killer faces the judge, her father goes "On the Record."

Plus, the latest on the Madrid terror attacks (search) and what they may mean for Americans in the war on terror.

Also, radio talk show host and author Laura Ingraham (search) on what both President George Bush (search) and Massachusetts Senator John Kerry (search) have to do to win in November.

Then, Heidi Bressler was fired by Trump on this week's episode of "The Apprentice." She'll go on the record to tell us why she thinks she got the ax last night. Was Mr. Trump's female assistant threatened by her brash style? Or was her brassy personality an impediment to success?

And later, obesity expert Richard Simmons on why Americans are "dying to eat" and what we can do about the obesity epidemic in this country.

These stories and much more!

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