A Good Thing?

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Fashion Statement

An up-and-coming designer is making a political fashion statement.Elizabeth Cochran announced her new line of clothes supporting President Bush (search). Now you can own yoga pants or baby bibs that say "I Love George W. Bush."

Cochran says she created the line to back the president's leadership after Sept. 11. No word yet of a Kerry collection.

Gender Confusion?

Speaking of Mr. Bush, he marked International Women's Week by paying tribute to a Libyan prisoner named Fathi Jahmi who's just been released.

The president noted she was jailed two years ago for advocating free speech and democracy. What the president didn't realize is that she is really a he.

A Good Thing?

Fans of Martha Stewart announced plans to show support for her Saturday with a national Save Martha Day, a rally at K-Mart store in New York City.

Sensing a good story, a handful of reporters showed up, but no supporters. Not one.