The Foxlight: Weekend Movies

"Secret Window" and "Spartan" get mixed reviews and the kiddies might want to see "Agent Cody Banks 2" in this weekend's Foxlight.

The tagline for the film is "Some Windows Should Remain Closed," and most critics agree --"Secret Window" (searchmakes no secret of being another Stephen King retread. But Johnny Depp elevates the material, according to some.

"A clever, tense thriller that loses steam toward the end," says the Chicago Tribune.

The Atlanta Constitutuion isn't quite as charitble, calling it "A hack job patched together from bits of Stephen King's earlier, better stories."

Hey Johnny, there's always "Pirates of the Caribbean 2."

Next, why go straight to video when kids can drag their parents to a movie theater? That seems to be the formula for "Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London." (search) The Hollywood Reporter says it's content to "trot out the flimsiest of heavily worn spy film cliches." Seattle Post Intelligencer is a bit more blunt: "Instantly forgettable." Looks like Cody Banks could use a new agent.

Finally, I like anything writer/director David Mamet cranks out. In "Spartan," (searchVal Kilmer is a government agent looking for the president's daughter. "Choppy action, bleak and cynical," according to the Associated Press. says it "pays off big time."