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President Bush, on a full-force offensive against presumptive Democratic rival John Kerry (search), is painting the Massachusetts senator as someone who waffles on national security issues and "is trying to have it both ways" on matters of intelligence.

"My opponent clearly has strong beliefs, they just don't last very long," Bush said during a re-election fundraiser in Dallas on Monday. The president also criticized Kerry's shifts in position on the Patriot Act (search), trade legislation and an education reform bill.

Bush's comments came on the eve of the latest batch of primary contests in the South.

Democratic voters in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas will go the polls Tuesday. Kerry virtually has his party's nomination in grasp and is expected to have a clean sweep.

Kerry has been campaigning in Florida and is sharply criticizing the Bush administration's foreign and domestic policies. During a campaign stop in Hollywood, Fla., Kerry used humor to blast Bush.

"This is my idea of spring break … I remember spring break… you lay back and do nothing," Kerry said. "The only place you can do that now is on the Bush economic team."

Is the general election campaign already in full swing and will the attacks just get nastier as we head toward November? We'll have analysis.

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