Breaking News on the Case of Lt. Tara Burkhart

Dear Friends,

Right before airtime Monday, Lt. Burkhart's attorney informed us that a charge against her of making false statements will be dropped. Seconds later, the military informed us that was not the case. Confusion reigns. [For background on this case, please see my past two weblogs.]

In any case, she still is set for court-martial next week. Her alleged rapist, Sgt. Jose Montes, has been granted immunity and is set to testify against her.

Let's be candid: the circumstances of the case are murky. Lt. Burkhart, as an officer, being drunk and fraternizing with subordinates in a combat zone (and leaving behind her weapon) are serious offenses. But -- it doesn't seem right that Sgt. Montes has been granted immunity.

And now that another woman, this one from the Navy, has also filed a rape complaint against Sgt. Montes, it seems there should be a second look at Sgt. Montes's version of things. This second alleged victim has a more straightforward complaint, unlike Lt. Burkhart's case where alcohol and fraternizing were involved.

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