The Jurors: Twelve Ordinary Men and Women

Here is some information about the 12 jurors deliberating the Martha Stewart (search) case. The information is taken from transcripts of jury selection in January. Juror names have not been released, and additional information about the jurors that was given in questionnaires also has not been released.

—Juror No. 1: Woman. Said she was "very familiar" with the name Martha Stewart. Recalls the names of ImClone Systems (search) and its founder, Sam Waksal (search), from news reports.

—Juror No. 2: Woman. Was finalizing a divorce in January. Said she was "not very familiar with corporate dialect" and had no feelings about Stewart.

—Juror No. 3: Man. Lost money in a mutual fund partly because of the collapse of Enron Corp. Has friends at Merrill Lynch & Co. (search), the brokerage that once employed defendant Peter Bacanovic.

—Juror No. 4: Man. Vaguely recalled hearing something about Stewart or Bacanovic in the media about a year ago, "but I forgot what it was about."

—Juror No. 5: Woman. Has one relative who is a judge and another who works for the attorney general of New Jersey. Believes some people are unfairly jailed, and that poor people "often don't have the right to as much justice as they would like to have." Wishes the government's prosecution of corporate scandals "was moving along a little faster."

—Juror No. 6: Woman. Works for a publishing company.

—Juror No. 7: Woman. Has a brother who was a Westchester County police officer and a sister-in-law who once worked for Merrill Lynch. Saw a portion of Stewart's interview with CNN in which she asserted her innocence.

—Juror No. 8: Man. Communications technician who once worked for the firm Shearson, Loeb, Rhoades (search). Has occasionally flipped past Stewart's TV show, "but it is not anything of interest to me."

—Juror No. 9: Man. Translator of Italian who also works as a paralegal. Has worked on copyright-infringement cases. Said he had read about the case in newspapers but "I tend to read everything with a grain of salt."

—Juror No. 10: Woman. Once sued her cleaners claiming they were responsible for stains that showed up on an antique dress. Best friend once worked at Merrill Lynch.

—Juror No. 11: Woman. Works for a law firm that handles personal-injury cases. Currently suing a nursing home that she believes was negligent in her grandmother's death.

—Juror No. 12: Woman. Pharmacist, originally from Uganda (search). While she has been in the United States, has seen Stewart's "cooking recipes and stuff" on television, but has not paid close attention.