Flaming Car Drives Into Gas Station

Flaming Car Drives Into Gas Station

An off-duty firefighter saw a nightmare about to happen Sunday evening: A car was on fire at a gas station.

Nigel Dix, of Bracknell, Berkshire, England, was driving by when he saw the flaming Range Rover (search) parked some distance from the gas pumps, reports the Bracknell News.

Standing next to the fiery car was a very frustrated-looking man, who had pulled into the gas station for lack of a better idea.

Dix got out with his fire extinguisher, and within minutes an on-duty fire crew arrived and put out the blaze, though the car was a total loss.

The gas station's staff had already shut down the gas pumps, said Esso (search) spokeswoman Sophie Foale.

"The Highway Code states if you have problems with a fire," she added, "the best thing to do is to pull over at the side of the road."

Public Passion Perturbs Passers-by

A Swedish couple put on quite a show for spectators in Stockholm, dragging a bed into the middle of a city square and then having sex on it.

The very public display of affection was the climax of a weeklong demonstration by Swedish homeless advocates, reports Agence France-Presse.

"They had a sign saying 'Even homeless people want to have sex,' and then they did," said police spokeswoman Carolin Karlsson. "They even had a dog at the foot of the bed."

Some onlookers, especially those with kids present, were offended by the lovemaking, which took place under bedcovers. Others took out cell-phone cameras and happily snapped away.

After an hour and a half, cops finally threw the couple into the back of a police van, where they kept on doing what they'd been doing.

Karlsson said the passionate pair weren't arrested, but driven to a homeless shelter where they could keep at it in privacy.

Twenty Bucks Says You Lose Your Job

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A high school student jumped out a second-floor window to win a bet with a teacher, who has been disciplined, officials said. The teen was not injured.

Miami Beach High School science teacher Yrvan Tassy Jr. has been reassigned to a non-teaching job while police and school officials investigate the incident.

Tassy's class was discussing evolution last week when the student, who was not identified, talked about jumping out the window to prove his point, police said.

The teacher bet him $20 that he would be injured in the jump, according to police reports.

The student then jumped out the window, landing on his feet in a patch of dirt and grass, police said. He returned to the classroom and asked Tassy for his money. Tassy said he would bring it the following day, students told police.

The incident was reported to police Thursday.

"The teacher is being investigated by our detectives and there is also a personnel investigation," said Carlos Fernandez, a Miami-Dade schools police spokesman. "It doesn't look like this is something where there would be criminal charges. It looks like it will be administrative."

Tassy does not have a listed phone number and could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

Humor Must Then Be for Young People

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Harvard political institute criticized the hip retailer Urban Outfitters (search) for a new T-shirt campaign declaring that "Voting Is for Old People."

The institute on Monday chided the Philadelphia-based clothing chain for appearing to wear its apathy on its chest, calling the T-shirt slogan "the wrong statement at the wrong time" in the pivotal presidential election year.

"The shirt's message could not be further from the truth," wrote Harvard Institute of Politics (search) director Dan Glickman, the former congressman and Clinton administration agriculture secretary, and student chairman Ilan Graff in a letter to Urban Outfitters CEO Richard A. Hayne.

"We would be eager to work with you to suggest alternative products that send the right message to America's young people, and better reflect the considerable social conscience and political participation of today's youth," the letter said. "You might consider 'Voting Rocks!'"

Urban Outfitters defended the slogan as a "statement meant to draw attention to the growing rift between politicians and their platforms and the concerns of young people in this country."

"However 'open-ended' and 'ambiguous' some have felt the message to be, by offering it for sale in our stores, we clearly never intended to discourage anyone from actually voting," the company said in a statement.

Urban Outfitters operates 60 stores under that name in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It sells casual clothes, accessories, shoes, gifts and housewares.

Car-Crash Couple Get Married in Emergency Room

GADSDEN, Ala. (AP) — A bride driving to a wedding chapel to meet her future husband was injured in a roadway accident, but that didn't halt the wedding plans. It just moved the ceremony into the emergency room at Gadsden Regional Medical Center (search).

Kim England of Southside said she didn't want the wedding postponed.

England, 39, and 37-year-old Wayne Jenkins were married Thursday night in the ER.

Her broken nose in bandages, the bride lay on a hospital bed with the groom at her bedside.

The Rev. David Heflin completed the ceremony.

"I've been pastoring for 20 years and done hundreds of weddings, and it was the best I've ever been involved with," said Heflin, the pastor at Hokes Bluff Community Church (search). "It was more like a church service than a wedding ceremony."

Family made up most of the wedding party.

As the wedding ended, Jenkins gently kissed his bride and the couple enjoyed a piece of pie, brought in by an ER nurse, instead of traditional wedding cake.

England was traveling with Jenkins' 6-year-old daughter when her sport utility vehicle ran off the road about 3:45 p.m. Thursday and crashed into a ravine, just missing a big tree. The daughter wasn't seriously hurt.

The wedding participants at the chapel were unaware of the wreck until the bride failed to arrive.

The groomsmen were finishing up pre-wedding pictures at approximately 5 p.m. and the photographer was waiting on the bride to arrive for her photos when Jenkins was called to the hospital.

Most of the guests for the 6 p.m. wedding went home, not knowing the ceremony would go forward.

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