Let's Stop Pretending That Kerry's Not Already the Nominee

I hate to sound like a broken record, but did I see yet another Democratic debate that included Dennis Kucinich (search) and the Rev. Al Sharpton (search)?

What were the producers of this debate thinking? It's bad enough having Sharpton and Kucinich sitting there pretending to be real candidates, but then there was John Edwards (search) — sitting there pretending to be posing real challenge to front-runner John Kerry.

I'm sorry, Sen. Edwards... but that's the truth. Kerry is the nominee.

Edwards says he doesn't want to be the second guy on the ticket, but he's going to end up with enough delegates that he can demand the second spot, and he probably will. After all, he could cover the South for Kerry — where the Mass. senator just doesn't play well.

So which is the worse pretense? The so-called Kerry-Edwards race? Come on...  anybody who looks at the poll knows that's a joke.

Or is the worse bit of fakery the Kucinich and Sharpton presence in the debates?

Hey, it's all over on Super Tuesday and then we can say the real game is on... Bush v. Kerry. Northeast v. Southwest. Liberal v. conservative. "No war" v. "Go get Saddam and did get Saddam."

That will be interesting. These fake debates just aren't.

That's My Word.

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