Theresa Heinz Kerry Raises Cash in Connecticut

John Kerry (search) and John Edwards (search) haven't campaigned in Connecticut this year, but on Sunday the Democratic presidential candidates sent family members to make appearances in the state.

Kerry's wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry (search), spoke to about 100 people at a free event in a private home in Stamford. She then made her way to a closed event in Greenwich, where the suggested donation was $1,000 per person.

Edwards' daughter, Cate, thanked her father's supporters in Norwalk and encouraged people to vote in Tuesday's primary.

Heinz Kerry said in Stamford that her husband would offer a strong foreign policy, but one that showed the United States has a "warm heart."

Heinz Kerry, heir to the Heinz family's food fortune, said the first order of business for her husband as president would be to go to the United Nations.

Though she did not elaborate on what he would say there, she said he would "offer the world the proudest face of America."

Heinz Kerry did not speak directly about Tuesday's primary in Connecticut, but she said she has been greeted warmly on the campaign trail.

"People want to hope again," she said. "And that is the most gratifying thing I have felt everywhere I have gone."

Cate Edwards, a 21-year-old student at Princeton University, spoke to about 40 people crowded into a coffeehouse in Norwalk, The Hour of Norwalk reported.

"My family and I feel very good about Tuesday," Edwards told the audience. "This campaign will not end for us on Tuesday."

State Rep. Bob Duff, D-Norwalk, an Edwards supporter, met the candidate's daughter Sunday.

"It's not every day that we get to have the daughter of the next president of the United States in Norwalk," Duff said as he introduced Cate.