Prime Minister, Judge in Line to Succeed Aristide

The departure of President Jean-Baptiste Aristide (search) on Sunday leaves a power vacuum in Haiti.

Aristide's official resignation would open the way for Supreme Court Chief Justice Boniface Alexandre (search) to take power under the constitution. But that requires approval by parliament, which has not had power since early this year after the terms of most legislators expired.

Another key official is Prime Minister Yvon Neptune (search), a top member of Aristide's party and former Aristide presidential spokesman.

Other players in recent political events:

— Andy Apaid Jr. (search): The most outspoken leader of the opposition coalition that has pressed for Aristide's ouster, though not aligned with rebels forces.

— Evans Paul (search): Key opposition figure, former mayor of Port-au-Prince, playwright and journalist.

— Guy Philippe (search): Leader of motley band of rebels controlling northern half of country. Joined rebellion from neighboring Dominican Republic, where he fled in 2000 amid charges he was plotting a coup.

— Butteur Metayer (search): Street gang leader who started Haiti's uprising Feb. 5 by driving police from the northern city of Gonaives.

— Louis-Jodel Chamblain (search): Rebel leader, former army sergeant and leader of notorious death squad blamed for murder, torture and maiming of hundreds of Haitians. Fled to the Dominican Republic when U.S. troops intervened in 1994. Returned to Haiti two weeks ago to join the rebellion.