Viewers Weigh In

Dear Viewers,

Remember our poll question yesterday? It was about erectile dysfunction ads on television.

Here it is and here's what you said:

Advertising for drugs that combat erectile dysfunction are increasing on television. Do you think... 

A. It is a good idea to have these ads

B. It is offensive
C. No opinion
D. I have never seen the ads

Poll results:

Total votes: 77,518

It is a good idea to have these ads 10,307 = 13 %

It is offensive 49,660 = 64 %

No opinion 16,174 = 21 %

I have never seen the ads 1,377 = 2 %

Many viewers who voted also sent me their comments about the subject matter.  Since I continue to promise you information from the "inside" or "behind the scenes," here is a random sample of the e-mails I received:


Dear Greta:
Thank you so much for brining this question up. I thought I was the only one offended by the advertisements -- especially the latest one where mostly men and a few women are outside their neighborhood jumping up down. The commercial appears like there is an orgy going on. Give me a break! As much as I love to watch FoxNews, I do change channels on "erectial" commercials.
By the way I enjoy your show.


PLEASE, we men have been subjected to advertisements about Female Hygiene for years. When I stated that these adds make me slightly uncomfortable, I was told "This is part of my life, and if you want to be with me, get used to it."
Isn't this just another instance of people being overly sensitive?? If we need to question advertisements, lets' please look at the rediculous adds for all types of medications that don't even explain what they are for, list more than a few side effects, but suggest that the consumer ask their doctor to see if the medication is right for them
Always do what you know is right and you will never be wrong.

Your poll today about the erectile dysfunction drugs/ads hit a nerve that I have had problems with now for a long time.
It makes my blood boil that insurance companies covers this expense. I can't even get my eyeglasses paid for from my insurance company but they/we are paying out the a-- for men to get their d---- up.
Insurance costs are skyrocketing and we have to pay for all this advertisement, etc. I'm not aware of not having sex causing any kind of medical conditions.


Although I don't believe this is the place for these particular ads, I do note that commercials for sanitary napkins, tampons, yeast infection medications, FDS, douche, etc. have been on forever and nobody is having a stroke about that.  As women, our needs have always been out there for all to see and make fun of.  I believe this is finally a jolt in the right men and their sexuality.

I say touche!



About your recent poll: The only choice I could make was that Viagra adds are "offensive" but I bet there are many different interpretations of "offensive". Personally, I don't care if they actually show some guy's "Johnson" on the t.v.. the content is not what's offensive. It's the fact that prescription drugs are publically advertised at all that I find offensive. There is no disputing that advertising prescription drugs to the public is highly effective marketing. The result is a huge jump in health care costs not driven by evidence-based medicine but by emotional appeal. That's what I find offensive.

[NOTE:  this e-mailer is a doctor.]


I think there should be more discussion about all types of commercial on T.V. during family hours, not just erectile dysfunction. I can't watch the news or any daytime shows with my kids around because the advertisements are definitely not G rated. We resort to watching our show and then switching to the weather channel during commercials. How about discussing how bold feminine product commercials have become? Now my young kids see actual tampons and pads and how they work. It was embarrassing enough when I was young and saw the ads just showing the box! Can't we have family friendly commercials during family hours?


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