Political Speeches at the Oscars

Dear Friends,

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Call me crazy, but I'm betting that somehow, somewhere, someone will make a political statement at the Oscars this Sunday. Why do celebrities persist in thinking that, by virtue of their success playing pretend on a soundstage, they become experts on domestic and/or foreign policy?

Quick, run to your dictionary. Look up "hubris"...

And by the way, I'm serious about what I said on Friday's "DaySide": Why don't these celebs do something really worthwhile and donate their obscenely lavish goodie bags to the families of soldiers injured or killed in Iraq?

Winners get stuff worth $110,000. Losers get stuff worth $153,000. I challenge you to convince me that any of these actors cannot afford to buy their own $6,000 High-Definition TV (that's one of the goodies).

Ditto with a $32,000 stay at Caesar's Palace in Vegas (also in the bag). What fabulous PR that would be for these stars if they did it.

They'd earn a lot of loyalty from us regular folks. And they'd go a long way toward balancing the view that they are spoiled, self-absorbed and shallow.

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