Kerry Camp Blasts Bush for Rock 'n' Roll Wheels

John Kerry's presidential campaign took top Bush administration officials to task on Monday for touring the country last week "in a luxury cruiser designed for rock stars, touting the president's economic agenda."

The fund-raising letter from Kerry campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill (search) referred to the bus used by Treasury Secretary John Snow (search), Commerce Secretary Don Evans (search) and Labor Secretary Elaine Chao (search) to tour the Pacific Northwest. Their ride was on a cruiser with leather benches, bunk beds and mirrors on the ceiling, once used by rock bands Styx and Bon Jovi.

But Kerry's transportation has its own rock 'n' roll past. The Massachusetts senator and his entourage have spent the last week flying on an airplane previously used by the Rolling Stones, complete with a stocked bar in the middle that's routinely enjoyed by reporters and campaign staff.