Why Conan O'Brien Was Right to Insult Canada

Conan O'Brien (search) says padonnez moi to our neighbors to the north after hosting a show in Canada last week that poked fun at Quebec and French-Canadians.

I don't know why Conan should be apologizing to the Quebecois.

In fact, I think Conan is a minor American hero and ought to get a statue put up somewhere. He was right to go insult those Canadians to their faces with his stupid hand puppet — Triumph, the comic insult dog...

The astonishing insults that have come from Canada in the last year or so deserved some kind of response.

But Conan... ahh, now there's our guy! He got $1 million Canadian out of them to come up and do his show, and he told them off at the same time.

This is the bunch that spent a year calling Americans bastards — an official government spokesman said that — and the president a moron. So many government and media people said that you'd need an accountant to keep score.

They said that America doesn't understand the world and that since they do understand it so much better, we'd be smart letting them run our country.

They do $1.5 billion a day business with the U.S., yet feel entitled to insult us and tell us, "You're bigger, but we're better."

What are these people smoking? Oh right... they just legalized pot.

That's My Word.

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