Ever Wonder What It Takes to Sell a Book?

Dear Viewers,

Do you ever wonder what it takes to sell a book? It is one thing to write it, but you still must market it. For the most part publishers are not very helpful even though it is in their best interest to market books and market them really well.       

So who is really good at selling a book and getting the word out?  My colleague Sean Hannity (search).  His energy has no bounds. In addition to his daily radio show, his nightly tv show, he has "hit the road" to sign his new book "Deliver Us From Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Liberalism and Despotism."  He will criss-cross this country for the next 5 weeks signing books.

Commercial air travel for this whirlwind book tour would be a nightmare -- and it would be impossible to meet his other responsibilities -- so he has chartered a plane. He literally runs from a book signing to radio or tv or to a plane for another city. There is no "down time" for him.

I managed to tie him down for a few minutes on this frenetic schedule and talk to him about the book. He was in our DC Bureau Wednesday night so I taped a segment with him that we will put in our show tonight (Thursday.) 

I also managed to get his picture for you in the make up room.  I know you are all used to seeing Sean on the set in a tie...so check this out (see picture in the upper right hand corner).


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