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Tonight on "Hannity & Colmes" ...

• It's a look ahead to Wisconsin (search) — Will it be the key to Sen. Kerry's win — Or will another White House hopeful fight their way back into the race?

Greg Craig, senior adviser to the Kerry campaign, weighs in.    

• Could the Democratic front-runner face competition in Wisconsin from a N.Y. senator -- who is not currently on the ballot? Robert Kunst of will be here with a new ad -- Don't miss it.

• Some are expecting the coming presidential election to be bloody and take no prisoners. If Sen. Kerry receives his Party's endorsement and becomes President Bush's opponent -- What type of campaign tactics can we expect from the Mass. senator?

We'll ask Jim Rappaport, who ran against Kerry in the 1990 Senate race.

• The Bush-Cheney campaign posts a new ad that shows some interesting details about Sen. Kerry's special interest connections -- You must see this. Gross and distorted attacks or just the facts?

Terry Holt, the Bush re-election campaign press secretary, joins the debate.

• With the spate of recent terror attacks and questions about the country's new government still up in the air, are U.S. troops in for the long haul?

And what exactly is the situation on the ground? How big of a challenge will it be root out insurgents and institute order?  

Geraldo Rivera, host of FNC's "At Large," will give us an exclusive LIVE update from Iraq.

All these stories and much more!

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