Doublestick Tape and Howard Dean

Dear Friends,

No, the two are not related.

Doublestick tape is what Beyonce Knowles (search) should have had inside her dress when she sang at the NBA All-Star game last weekend! Every gal I know in show business has it -- and it would have saved us all from seeing yet another pop singer's breasts. Jeez, I'm just so sick of sitting down in front of the tube, thinking I'm going to watch a game -- and once again some singer's flashing her body parts!

Who knows if Beyonce actually MEANT to show it, but her wardrobe department sure as heck should have taped that dress down. Fortunately, the NBA used a seven second delay. Thank goodness.

Now to Howard Dean (search). I'm dying to know how the Steve Grossman thing happened. My jaw came unhinged when I read, smack on the front page of The New York Times, that Grossman told a Times reporter he was ready to, "Do everything to get (John Kerry) elected." I've never, ever heard of a campaign chairman saying that BEFORE his OWN candidate has dropped out of the race.

Steve, did you say that on purpose? Or was that ... um... inaccurate reporting by The New York Times? Please call. Inquiring minds want to know.

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