Military Trains for War on Terror — in Arizona

Their sandy, brush-strewn training ground resembles some parts of Iraq and Afghanistan, but their intensive counter-terrorism mission is here in the Unites States.

Soldiers training at the Tactical Human Intelligence (search) facility north of the Mexico-Arizona border learn counter-espionage, interrogation tactics and intelligence gathering to fight terrorism in a sandy, mountainous, makeshift village.

About 60 troops are going through four grueling months of the training at any given time, with most men and women leaving the facility and heading to Iraq or Afghanistan within 27 days of completing the course.

The Tactical Human Intelligence force has doubled in size since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and continues to grow as fast as the military can set programs in motion and get troops enrolled.

Members are taught to thwart roadside bombs, snipers and other threats as they learn to gather intelligence information from Iraqi or Afghan civilians.

Those who have emerged from the intensive course are walking the beat in places like Baghdad, Mosul and Kabul and have reported the training has helped them save countless lives.

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