Today on "Special Report"

Terrorism — North Korea's nuclear crisis — And brutal violence in the Middle East. NATO's new secretary general speaks out in a controversial interview with FNC correspondent Bret Baier.

GUEST PREVIEW: The former weapons inspector's recent WMD assertions have caused a political firestorm and left many playing the blame game ... Who will be the loser? Who will take the fall? We'll get answers from former CIA officer Michael Swetnam.

Wendell Goler reports: President Bush (search) outlines a six-point plan for a booming economy. Get a full report.

Rick Leventhal reports: An inside look at how one man from California is making a major difference in the effort to rebuild Iraq.

Carl Cameron reports: As we close in on Tuesday's seven state contest get the latest from the trail of the White House hopefuls.

Major Garrett reports: Howard Dean (search) shakes things up and tries to regain his front-runner status ... is there enough time left in the race for the Democratic nomination?

Teri Schultz reports: Are we any closer to a timeline for the power transfer in Iraq? We'll have the details.

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