Those Who Would Rule America...

You may not have heard this, but it will make sense to you...

We are in the midst of an election year — the months during which Americans decide on who will run this country, who we will elect president.

Americans vote and Americans only.

Nonetheless, our so-called friends overseas would very much like a say. They think Americans electing the American president is much too dangerous, thinking the job should be left to them because they are so much smarter.

On the Web site for Britain's "The Independent" — a fervently anti-American, anti-war newspaper — there's are bulletin boards with titles like "American ignorance" and "U.S.A. should be taken over by Canada."

The Brits don't like the Canadians all that much, but they think that they are much better qualified to run North America, and therefore the world.

Let me go on... more selections from the bulletin boards:

"Are you sure you still want Kerry?"

On this spot, Britons argue that John Kerry is only slightly better than the hated George W. Bush.

And there there's: "U.S. empire, out of the closet and vanishing."

For British Deaniacs — "Dean is the voice, Kerry is the echo."

I'm going to vote for who I want to be president, and I urge you to do the same. Whatever we do, let's make a pact to continue to make those morons overseas so mad they could spit.

Why not? It'll be good fun.

That's My Word.

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