Costello to Perform at Oscars

Elvis Costello (search) isn't too hip to perform at the Oscars.

Costello is nominated for his song "Scarlet Tide," from the film "Cold Mountain." (search) He will play while Alison Krauss and the Sacred Harp Singers perform.

"I'm delighted to be there and delighted to be a part of it," he told AP Radio recently. "Some part of you hopes a song endures and has a life beyond the way it sits in the film, I know I'll sing it for the rest of my days."

He wasn't always so agreeable to television performances. In 1977, Costello was a last-minute replacement for the Sex Pistols (search) on "Saturday Night Live." After starting "Less Than Zero," he stopped his band and began playing "Radio Radio" (which was unreleased). Producer Lorne Michaels was so angry he banned Costello from the show until 1989.

Costello's dizzying 25-year career has included rock and country, soul and pop, punk and classical and jazz. He's responsible for songs like "Alison" and "Red Shoes."

Another song from "Cold Mountain" is also up for an Oscar. "You Will Be May Ain True Love" was written by Sting (search) and is also performed by Krauss.

The Oscars will be held in Los Angeles on Feb. 29.

"On the day, you would be happy to see any of these writers win," said Costello, 49. "They've all got their own merit, there's no song that's an embarrassment."