Kerry Reacts to Donors Story

Statement of John Kerry (search) campaign spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter (search) concerning three political donors the Massachusetts senator nominated to federal banking boards.

"Sen. Kerry recommends dozens of very qualified individuals each year without regard to their politics or contributions. In this case each of the individuals were highly qualified for the jobs they were appointed to and served with distinction.

"One merely came to a concert event; another has been an associate, adviser and supporter for over 20 years. John Kerry is grateful for their support, and we should be thanking them for their service, not questioning it. While we welcome a full and fair vetting of all the candidates records, for opponents to drag committed public servants through the mud with only the most circumstantial of evidence is shameful. The timing of the contributions were completely circumstantial.

"John Kerry's colleagues and public interest groups have praised his ethical standards and commitment to clean and open government. Kerry has championed campaign finance reform. At a time when Halliburton is defrauding the federal government and facing serious allegations of bribery, we look forward to taking this debate to George Bush. John Kerry has not taken a dime of PAC money during his four Senate elections or during his presidential race. PACs contribute a huge chunk of the money given to politics. Corporate PACs have given $1.2 billion to campaigns and parties since 1990. Not one dime has gone to John Kerry. Because Kerry does not take PAC money, he has actually taken less special interest money than practically every member of Congress. In fact when contributions from PACs and lobbyists are combined, Kerry ranks 92nd of 100 sitting Senators."