Topics and Guests for Wednesday, Feb. 4

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Wednesday, Feb. 4:

Testimony at the Martha Stewart trial a smoking gun pointed in the direction of the lifestyle diva
Bob Barr, former Georgia congressman

Massachusetts’s highest court upholds a state constitution guarantees same-sex marriage
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

Just a few short weeks ago Howard Dean was a juggernaut with $40 million in the bank and all the buzz in the world. So what happened?
Roy Neel, Dean campaign CEO

Only 10 percent of the Democrats' delegates are decided but it's become John Kerry's race to lose
Leslie Sanchez, former White House official

Criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos has gone from being a little-known lawyer to one who handles some of the biggest criminal cases in the U.S.
Harvey Slovis, criminal defense lawyer

He took on Arnold Schwarzenegger in California's gubernatorial race, and now he's going after President Bush
Bill Wyatt, presidential candidate

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