Right About Ricin?

Dear Friends,

So I was right Tuesday when I theorized that this ricin scare may go beyond Sen. Frist's office.

I’m starting to think this all comes from "Fallen Angel" -- who wrote both the White House and DOT about truckers' rest hours.

We're told "Fallen Angel" is likely a trucking company owner. So it seems pretty easy to me to fan out a swarm of local/federal law enforcement to visit every trucking company owner in the United States.

Maybe this one will be easy to solve after all.


Ricin appears in the Senate majority leader's office. In a Connecticut post office, an employee finds mysterious white powder coming out of an envelope addressed to the Republican National Committee.

As of the moment I'm writing this, no official is saying these two events are connected.

But there's this as well: The discovery of ricin at a post office in South Carolina last summer. That incident still has not been solved.

I'm not fearful, nor should you be. Ricin is more easily produced than anthrax, so it may be some isolated wacko at work. Nonetheless, authorities need to be braced for more letters -- if for nothing else than to prove there AREN'T anymore and put us all at ease about our mail.

But just a thought: Don't be freaked out if it takes a long time to get to the bottom of this ricin thing. All I've learned so far about ricin suggests that the source is harder to find than in the case of anthrax.

And we still haven't caught the “Anthrax Mailer.

Back to life as usual.

Whether the “Ricin Mailer” is homegrown or foreign, he/she should be denied the thrill of scaring us.

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