Guests and Topics: February 2

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• Democratic presidential contenders target key states and swing voters in the closing hours before Tuesday's seven state contest. Former front-runner Howard Dean (search ) tries to reclaim his lead by attacking Sen. John Kerry (search) — Strong strategy or desperate measure?

New Mexico (search) is one of the seven states exercising its right to decide tomorrow. Which candidates will sink and which will swim in the Land of Enchantment State caucuses? We'll ask Governor Bill Richardson.

Former Sen. Gary Hart knows the Democratic presidential trail firsthand. We'll ask him to handicap the field of current White House hopefuls.

• A day after the New England Patriots (search) clinch a thrilling 32-29 victory over the Carolina Panthers — Move over Most Valuable Player Tom Brady (search) and winning field goal kicker Adam Vinatieri — Janet Jackson's 'special guest' steals the spotlight.

At the end of last night's Super Bowl halftime show singer Justin Timberlake tore off part of Jackson's costume, exposing her breast. Timberlake blamed a "wardrobe malfunction," while MTV, which produced the show, and CBS, which broadcast it, both said they had no idea that their show would include such a display.

How could this happen during a traditional performance often watched by the whole family — children included? Who is to blame? Michelle Malkin, syndicated columnist, and Leslie Marshall, radio talk show host, weigh in.

• President Bush sends his $2.4 trillion budget to Congress. Which government areas would the president like to boost and which discretionary programs stand to get the boot? Can the president tighten the fiscal belt or will the economy go belly up? John Kasich, former Ohio congressman and host of FNC’s "Heartland" answers our questions.

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