Party Time

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Party Time

A Cincinnati teenager is in trouble with the law because he tried to stay out of trouble with his parents.

The 16-year-old boy hosted a party for hundreds of kids while his parents were away. The group caused so much damage the boy couldn't clean up the mess. So to cover up it up he burned down the $380,000 home.

His mom and dad didn't find out what happened until he admitted it in court.

Turn of a Phrase

There was an interesting turn of phrase in The Washington Post the other day in a story about the new prescription drug benefit.

In describing how the higher costs were angering both ends of the political spectrum, the article labeled one side as "Congressional Democrats" and the other as "conservative Republicans."

Whatever happened to left-wing liberals and fiscally-responsible GOP office-holders? It’s amazing what you'll find on the front page.