The Foxlight: James Brown; Owen Wilson; 'Whale Rider'

James Brown (search) is the marrying kind, Owen Wilson goofs and a "Whale" of a good movie in today's Foxlight.

So Brown may be the hardest working bigamist in show business. Whether or not he really did push and shove the latest Mrs. Brown, he says they aren't married legally in the first place. The Godfather of Soul says he never divorced his last wife. Uh, James, that's a crime too. Still feel good? Oh and the next time you get arrested, bring a hairdresser.

Owen Wilson (search) is proving smirks alone can't get you through a career. He was great in little films like "Minus Man," but this weekend's "Big Bounce" was a big thud at the box office and he needs to rethink some of his script choices. Owen, you're great. This movie wasn't.

Finally, I never saw the movie "Whale Rider" (search) last year and finally caught up with it over the weekend. First, every kid in America should be watching this instead of -- or at least after -- Sponge Bob. And secondly, what a great and gutsy but deserving call by the Academy nominating 13-year-old Keisha Castle-Hughes for an Academy Award. In a split field, she could also be riding an Oscar.