Consulting Clinton: Listen or Dis Him?

Former President Clinton huddled with Senate Democrats Thursday to discuss how best to unite the party as it draws up its agenda for this legislative year and prepares for the presidential election this fall.

Clinton, emerging from the meeting, said they "talked about what Senate Democrats can do to be more focused in their communications strategy and what was likely to happen in the coming year."

"I gave them a few little ideas," Clinton said. "I don't know if they are any good. All I do is sit up there and write my book so I'm a little out of it."

Consulting Clinton: Listen or dis him?

A sample of your responses:

Before Mr.Bush destroyed all the hard work Clinton's put into his turns ... The Democrats are so weak right now, that they'd better listen to him if they want to win the next election.
I'd be ready to vote a third turn for Clinton, any chance?
Yolande F.
West Palm Beach, FL

President Clinton is a reflection of corruption and dishonesty. It may not stick to him but it does stick to everyone he comes in contact with. 
Rich C.
Lima, OH

William Jefferson Clinton should shut his big mouth and fade away into another planet.
Rita H.
Cuyahogafalls, OH

While some say Clinton's are the most successful Democrats in 20 years... They lost Democrats the White House, the majority in the House and Senate and the Christian voters.  Willis
Granbury, TX

The man who was president during the greatest economic 8-year period in United States history - >23 million new jobs created; lowest national unemployment; balanced federal budgets with national debt paid down; low interest rates; low to non-existent inflation; high percentage increase and high real-numbers increase in home ownership.
Economically there are few if any areas/categories in which the two Clinton administrations did not excel - and any lies about extramarital activities didn't result in American deaths or highest federal budget deficits & increased national debt.
Bill Clinton for president!
Fred S.
Lancaster, OH

Oh yeah I really want a man on my side who can't even figure out what the meaning of "is" is...

Under the Clinton watch the Democrats LOST the House, LOST the Senate and LOST the White House.
Jim T.
Limestone, TN

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