Guests and Topics: January 5

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He's famous for his skills in the boardroom and infamous for some of his decisions! Now, businessman and author Donald Trump (search) joins Bill in the No Spin Zone to talk about his latest project. Will his new reality show The Apprentice succeed?

Plus, the group (search) has been asking Americans to submit homemade ads for their Bush-bashing contest. Now, two of the ads compare the President of the United States to Adolf Hitler! What's going on here? We'll have analysis.

Then, he is the youngest American ever sentenced to spend life in prison. Now, Lionel Tate (search), whose life sentence for murdering a 6-year-old playmate was thrown out has accepted a plea agreement. The agreement will pave the way for Tate's release from prison. Has justice been served in this case? We'll hear from both sides. 

Also, we'll handicap the Democratic primaries and caucuses in the weeks ahead.

And later, famed Australian "crocodile hunter" and television star Steve Irwin was caught on tape on Friday, January 2, holding his one-month-old son, Robert, in one arm while feeding a 13 foot crocodile with his other arm. Now he's drawing fire for his actions... Should he be charged with child endangerment? Are things different "down under?" We'll have the details.

These stories and much more!

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