Topics and Guests, Dec. 30

Today on Special Report...

Tuesday, Dec. 30:

Mike Emanuel reports: As the ball is prepped to drop in Times Square (search) and we prepare to ring in the New Year -- How can we be sure that law enforcement officials will not 'drop the ball' on homeland security? Don't miss this report.

GUEST PREVIEW: Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge tells us what we need to know to be safe this New Years holiday.

Molly Hennenberg reports: Attorney General John Ashcroft (search) is recusing himself as head of the CIA leak probe, the No. 2 man in the Justice Department said Tuesday. We'll have the details.

Major Garrett reports: On the presidential campaign trail Democratic hopeful Wesley Clark ruffles feathers of fellow contenders. Get a full report.

Amy Kellogg reports: The Department of Homeland Security calls for armed marshals aboard international flights entering into or flying over the U.S. Has this measure upset our war on terror ally -- Great Britain?

Greg Palkot reports: We'll get the latest report out of Iraq.

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