Guests and Topics: December 30

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Paying big bucks for box office busts. As movie revenues fall, who’s paying the price? Is the Hollywood hype hitting your pocket? Christy Lemire, AP entertainment writer, joins the discussion.

As the ball is prepped to drop in Times Square (search) and we prepare to ring in the New Year -- How can we be sure that law enforcement officials will not 'drop the ball' on homeland security? We'll get answers from former N.Y.P.D. police commissioner Howard Safir and terrorism expert Ed Turzanski.

The latest from the Jacko camp -- What deal is Michael Jackson making with the Nation of Islam (search)? And how will this affect his case? We'll assess the situation.

Presidential candidate Howard Dean (search) leads the pool of Democratic hopefuls -- But does the former Vermont governor have what it takes to make it all the way to the White House in 2004? FNC political analyst Susan Estrich weighs in.

The terror alert has been raised to Orange during this holiday season -- Does this have any real significance and will it make us any safer? Brian Doherty, senior editor for Reason Magazine, enters the No Spin Zone.

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