Topics and Guests, Dec. 29

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Monday, Dec. 29:

Mike Emanuel: Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge (search) says air marshals will be required on some foreign airline flights coming into the United States. The measure has drawn mixed reactions from other nations.

Greg Palkot: Saddam Hussein is said to be talking. But what is he saying? Join us to find out.

Major Garrett: Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean (search) is complaining that party leaders are not doing enough to rein in attacks by his rivals.

Dan Springer: Investigators rush to locate meat from a cow sick with mad cow disease (search) that may have made its way into retail markets in eight states and one territory.

Jeff Goldblatt: An Iraqi exile who had not seen his homeland in 12 years returns there after the end of major combat -- and takes along his video camera.

Carl Cameron: Howard Dean is the acknowledged Democratic frontrunner, but what will it take for him to win his party's nomination?

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