Topics and Guests, Dec. 26

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Friday, December 26:

Greg Kelly reports: Law enforcement officials say it was cooperative intelligence sharing that helped France and the U.S. possibly avert a major terror attack, worse than anything we've seen since 9/11.

Major Garrett reports: Howard Dean (search), the Democratic presidential frontrunner, is somewhat famous in this camapaign for saying Democrats can't win in '04 if they fight in some parts of America on the Republicans' issue set.

Bret Baier reports: He was the only television news correspondent traveling with Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Richard Myers (search), when Myers visited troops and commanders in the Persian Gulf Region earlier this month. That long-planned trip became even more emotional after Saddam Hussein (search) was captured. But there was more to tell than just what Bret could fit into his daily reports. We'll take a look behind the scenes...

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