Topics and Guests for Monday, Dec. 22

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Monday, Dec. 22:

The government's decision to raise the terror alert level is based on the volume and credibility of terror threats
Herbert Mayer, special assistant director of the CIA under President Reagan

What is the government doing to keep us safe?
Ray Kelly, NYPD commissioner

How are presidential candidate Wesley Clark's off-color comments going to affect his campaign?
Dominic Carter, NY1 political correspondent

Dick Gephardt is criticizing homeland security efforts by the Bush administration
Jenny Backus, Democratic strategist

As many as 600 friends and family are said to have gathered at Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch to show their support for him
Jeanne Wolf, entertainment columnist

According to a new report, Saddam Hussein did make one last feeble attempt at defiance when he was capture by U.S. soldiers
Tim Burger, Time magazine correspondent

Reconstruction plans for the World Trade Center site
James Glanz, author of City in the Sky

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