Guests and Topics: December 16

Tonight... The O'Reilly Factor is on!

The interrogation is underway. As authorities question Saddam Hussein (search) will he reveal the location of the weapons of mass destruction?

Plus, the U.S. military has found a treasure trove of documents that were with Saddam when he was captured on Saturday. FOX News has learned that these documents could prove that the former Iraqi dictator had been commanding and financing guerilla attacks against the coalition. We'll have all the details this evening.

Also, the Vatican (search) says that Saddam Hussein was made to look like "a cow" on the videotape that aired of the former Iraqi dictator being examined after his capture on Saturday. They're not very happy about what they saw on the tape. Do they have a point? We'll debate it.

Plus, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (search) joins us in the No Spin Zone to talk about Iraq and the future of the war on terror.

And, more insanity from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. -- We'll tell you what's going on now.

Later, formal charges are expected to be filed later this week but just how strong is the case against Michael Jackson?

Finally, don't forget our famous Talking Points Memo and "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

--All topics and guests subject to change.

--The Associated Press contributed to this article.