Topics and Guests for Monday, Dec. 15

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Stories for Monday, 
Dec. 15:

The State Department says the U.S. will advise investigators and judges, but leave the principal decisions of prosecuting Saddam up to Iraqis themselves
Michael Nardotti, former Army judge advocate general

Evidence of Saddam's vicious reign comes in all forms, from the videos of his top officers torturing innocent Iraqis to thousands of bodies found buried in mass graves. And then there are those who survived Saddam's use of WMDs
• Dr. Katrin Michael, victim of the chemical weapons attacks in northern Iraq

How does Saddam compare to the notorious dictators before him? Men like Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler?
Gerald Posner, author of Why America Slept

Should the French and Germans be at all concerned about what Saddam may reveal to the coalition?
Jean-Jacques de Mesterton, worked for French President Jacques Chirac's presidential campaign
Martin Wagner, correspondent for German Public Radio

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