Topics and Guests: December 12

Tonight... get on the record with Greta!

Nearly one year later, the question that millions of Americans want an answer for is this one: Did Laci Peterson (search) die a terrible death at the hands of her husband, Scott?

We'll take a look at all the new developments in this mysterious case with members of our legal panel. Our guests this evening include:

•  Victims Rights Attorney Gloria Allred

•  KFI Radio's Laura Ingle

•  Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden

•  San Francisco Assistant District Attorney Jim Hammer

•  Criminal defense attorney Bernie Grimm

•  Criminal defense attorney and former Washington, D.C. homicide detective Ted Williams

Plus, why is Scott Peterson's (search) defense team painting him as the real victim in this case? Is there any truth to the claim that the media spotlight during the last year has poisoned the jury pool? Should Scott's trial be moved out of Modesto?

Then, was pop superstar Michael Jackson (search) roughed up by law enforcement when he was booked on charges of child molestation?

And later, new developments to tell you about in the Kobe Bryant (search) case. What is the fate of his accuser's medical records?

Those stories and much, much more...

Watch On the Record tonight at 10 p.m. ET!

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