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Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman is not a happy man today and can you blame him? Former Vice President Al Gore's surprise endorsement of Howard Dean (search) has left his former running mate fuming and given a huge boost to the ex-Vermont governor's bid for the presidency. We'll have analysis.

Then, a newly released document is raising all kinds of fresh questions about the young man at the heart of the Michael Jackson child molestation case. Did the teenager deny any charges of sexual misconduct to investigators just last February? We'll have a report. 

Plus, an important update for you on developments in the case involving Col. Allen West (search), the military man accused of torturing an Iraqi terrorist.

And, the most controversial segment of the evening... Did you know that some big time Hollywood stars get big time perks for doing charity work. It's not illegal but is it unethical?

Later, in the Back of the Book segment what’s really going on in major league sports? How widespread is steroid use among major athletes? Are baseball players the worst abusers? We'll hear the inside story when veteran sportscaster Bob Costas (search) joins us in the No Spin Zone.

Finally, don't miss our famous Talking Points Memo and The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day!

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