Background: List of Iraqi Mass Graves

Major suspected mass grave sites in Iraq:

— Hatra (search), 200 miles north of Baghdad: U.S. troops found remains of women and children with bullet holes in heads; residents said up to 5,000 sets of remains in area mass graves.

— Mohammed Sakran, 25 miles north of Baghdad: Human rights groups says there are 1,000 sets of remains.

— Mahaweel, 45 miles south of Baghdad: Relatives dug up more than 3,100 sets of remains in barley field.

— Karbala (search), 50 miles southwest of Baghdad: Residents unearthed 45 bodies and said thousands more were yet to be excavated.

— Najaf (search), 90 miles south of Baghdad: Residents dug up at least 72 bodies.

— Basra, 280 miles southeast of Baghdad: Officials dug up at least 150 sets of remains at mosque.