A Salute to New Viewers

Dear Viewers,

I get a ton of e-mails from viewers each night. Here is one I LOVE because it is a NEW viewer:

I like your show. I have been watching now for about a month. I think you do a great job. Keep up the good work.


I love getting new viewers (and yes, I like the kind words about my work but I can't take all the credit for the show). I would greatly appreciate it if everyone who likes the show would tell five friends to watch. Since we have over a million viewers on a regular basis, our numbers would jump to unheard-of levels. We actually had more than six million viewers one night during the war in Iraq when it was thought that Saddam may have been killed. But that number was a spike that is not routine in the cable news business. We do take great pride on our show in that on that night we set a cable news record: We did have the highest number of viewers a cable news show has ever earned.

I must also add that the "credit" for the great shows that viewers like goes to the many people you have never met: producers, directors, bookers, lighting, etc. I will gladly accept three percent of the credit but the other 97 percent must be spread around to all those people who work each day to get our show on the air. You have no idea how many people are working behind the scenes every day. And, of course, our work is nonstop. We can plan a show but have to "shift gears" at the last minute if there is breaking news.

By the way, today I realized that I am now a "Fox veteran." I arrived almost two years ago at Fox and I have been the "new kid on the block" in Washington for almost two years. Well, we now have a new Fox employee: Chris Wallace. He will be doing "Fox News Sunday" and you need to watch his debut this Saturday. I talked to him this afternoon and we talked about what it is like to be "new" and to "launch a show." Yes, it is fun, but the truth is there is some level of apprehension.

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