Topics and Guests for Dec. 2

Reports swirled Tuesday that coalition forces had killed or capture the former top aide to Saddam Hussein.

Did it matter to the markets? We’ll ask retired USMC Col. Ollie North, host of “War Stories.”

Are some of the same folks in Hollywood that protested the war in Iraq, planning on benefiting from this war? Lisa Bernhard, Fox News entertainment reporter, explains.

Plus, we’ll examine Tinsel Town’s hatred for President Bush with Ron Silver, actor and member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

We’ll take the market’s temperature with Bernadette Murphy, chief technical analyst at Kimelman and Baird, and David Nelson, president of DC Nelson Asset Management.

And, talk about being caught between a rock in a hard place. Pres. Bush faces a difficult decision on tariffs on steel imports. Can he keep everyone happy? We’ll ask Wilbur Ross, chairman of International Steel Group and CEO of WL Ross & Co.

Is all that glitters gold? Why is the precious metal looking more precious than it has in seven years? We’ll ask co-owner of DVVS Jewelry in downtown New York City, Evans Siskel.

On the road to recovery -- what signs should investors be looking for? Business icon Lee Iacocca (search) has the insight you need only on tonight’s edition of Your World with Cavuto.

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