Topics and Guests: December 2

Tonight... get on the record with Greta!

"Dru, we will find you." Those words of conviction were uttered today by Grand Forks, North Dakota Police Chief John D. Packett (search) who spoke at a press conference called today to discuss the arrest of convicted sex offender Alfonso Rodriguez Jr. Rodriguez is believed  to be connected to the disappearance of 22-year-old University of North Dakota senior Dru Sjodin (search) last week.

This evening, the missing college student's mother speaks out for the first time since Rodriguez's arrest.

Plus, we'll have the latest on the Laci Peterson murder case (search).

Scott Peterson’s defense team is crying foul and believes the accused murder can’t get a fair trial. Has this become a case of "move it or lose it?" Should the trial be moved out of Modesto, California (search)? Will the judge in the case agree?

We'll have an inside look at the upcoming arraignment in the case when Greta’s legal panel breaks down the latest. 

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