Guests and Topics: December 1

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• Country music star Lee Greenwood, who sings the award winning patriotic song God Bless The U.S.A., makes a special holiday visit.

• FNC political analyst Dick Morris  and Democratic strategist Kiki McLean enter the debate tonight.         

• U.S. officials say a new terror campaign in Iraq is being aimed at undermining international support for the occupation. Recent attacks have killed two South Korean contractors, seven Spaniards, two Japanese diplomats and a Colombian oil worker. Will these terror attacks succeed in rooting out international peacekeepers in Iraq?

FOX's own retired Col. Oliver North weighs in.

The Reagans  -- controversial miniseries too hot for CBS -- finally airs on Showtime. How did the final product turn out?

Michael Reagan, radio talk show host and son of former President Ronald Regan (search), speaks out.

• A police videotape shows a 400-pound man lunged at officers as they repeatedly struck him with metal nightsticks shortly before the man died. Black activists say the death Sunday of Nathaniel Jones (search), 41, was another example of police doing little or nothing to stop deaths of black men in encounters with police in recent years -- and they are calling for police Chief Thomas Streicher Jr. (search) to resign.

What story does the videotape tell? Did the man's violent resistance lead to his death or are the police to blame?

Radio talk show host Bill Cunningham and defense attorney Milton Grimes assess the situation.

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