Topics and Guests for Nov. 24

U.S. soldiers in Iraq are under attack by some of the very people they're trying to help.

What is this doing to troop morale? And how do Americans here at home feel about the continuing effort? Is it time to bail, or should we stick the course?

We'll discuss...

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly isn't happy about the money the city is getting from the Department of Homeland Security (search).

He'll tell us why he thinks the Big Apple is being short-changed.

Aren't happy with your cell phone carrier?

Starting today, you can switch providers and still keep the same number.

Find out what that's going to do to costs...

Plus -- A read on the latest market moves, including Edgar Bronfman Jr.'s (search) $2.61 billion deal to buy Warner Music, from: Jonathan Hoenig of CapitalistPig Asset Management and Larry Wachtel, market analyst for Wachovia Securities.

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