Excerpts From Taped Malvo Interview

Excerpts from a taped interview of Lee Boyd Malvo (searchby Fairfax County homicide detective June Boyle and FBI agent Brad Garrett, played to a jury Friday. Malvo is charged with capital murder in the Oct. 14, 2002, shooting death of Linda Franklin at a Home Depot.

Q: And, and so then she comes to the car, is she with somebody?

Malvo: Yes her husband, he is moving too and from too much, so the thing was the sniper you could hit him, but you know you won't get the effect you want if you are looking for a certain effect. Why, why waste, why waste it, if you're gonna do it, be good at it, don't be sloppy.


Malvo: That's when we shot with police there, you don't mean nothing, we will shoot with you there, we shoot with you not there, we will shoot with soldiers there.


Malvo: Like in all your roadblocks, I leave and get back inside the roadblock.

Garrett: You actually come back in.

Malvo: Come back inside the roadblock.

Garrett: For what purpose?

Malvo: So I can see you.


Malvo: Let me show you. I can fit in many places. If I had to fit in trunk, if I had to roll up like a tire, I would roll up like a tire. I've been in, I've been in cars where cops came and the windows open and they didn't know where I was. Had no clue.


Malvo: I can hit you in the head from the car or I can hit you in the head from outside.

Q: Could you shoot, could you hit somebody in the head from laying in the trunk?

Malvo: I've hit people in the head from laying in the trunk.


Garrett: You left the weapon behind once?

Malvo: No, no, all, all, all, all the time, but that's the only rule we had to break about being a sniper, they didn't, you, you know they love their weapons. Snipers adore their weapons. This is what keeps me alive, it's one man going out and facing an army. Leaving it behind is like saying uh suicide.


Q: But you are guilty right?

Malvo: Uh no.


Q: Did your targets matter whether it was male, female or you know age?

Malvo: Nobody.

Q: Just whoever got into that sight?

Malvo: Yeah whoever I picked.

Q: Do you ever feel bad about any certain one?

Malvo: No.


Malvo: Since you're asking so many questions, can I ask one question now?

Garrett: You can ask anything you want.

Malvo: Where's my father?

Garrett: Where is he, that's a good question, uh I know that, and I'm basing this on television because he's been interviewed by ...

Malvo: No, no, no not him, JOHN.


Q: In talking it seems like you, you did, you did most of the shootings.

Malvo: Uh huh.

Q: Is he not as good as you or?

Malvo: Do not mistake yourself.

Q: What do you mean?

Malvo: Remember when I told you, remember the first statement I told you when you asked me a question pertaining to him, I strive to be like him.