'Law and Order,' Cameron Diaz and Clay Aiken

"Law & Order" star wants to enhance her bust, Cameron Diaz wants to hide hers and PETA takes on Clay Aiken in today's Foxlight.

What's it like when a two-dimensional actress sees her 3-D figure in a video game? Elisabeth Rohm of "Law & Order" (search) says she would make a few changes if they ever turn her into an action figure. Wait, there's a "Law & Order" video game? Anyway, for her action figure she says she wants bigger breasts. Charming. Somehow I don't think we'll be seeing "Law & Order" action figures anytime soon.

Speaking of increased cleavage exposure, a detective says the "majority" of those photos of Cameron Diaz (search) taken by a photographer accused of trying to blackmail her show her topless. The detective testified in John Rutter's preliminary hearing. He's accused of trying to extort more than $3 million from Diaz. The investigator says Rutter threatened to sell the topless photos to a European group for $5 million, which wanted to place them on buses, billboards and kiosks to promote "Charlie's Angels 2." Who could drive with those pictures on the sides of buses?

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog may be no match for Clay Aiken's (search) rabid minions. The New York Daily News reports PETA (search) is considering delaying or killing its ad where Triumph says, "Get Neutered -- It Didn't Hurt Clay Aiken." That's because PETA was swamped with angry messages from Aiken fans -- and Aiken's attorney. PETA decided to pick on Aiken because he told Rolling Stone magazine he hates cats and once ran over one.