Topics and Guests for Friday, Nov. 14

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• A stunning move — Defense attorneys for accused murderer Scott Peterson (search) are reportedly planning to subpoena his former girlfriend Amber Frey (search) to testify in the preliminary hearing. Could Frey, who has seemed crucial to the prosecution, actually support the defense's case?

We'll get the latest from FNC correspondent Claudia Cowan live in Modesto.

• A jury begins deliberation in the capital murder trial of John Allen Muhammad (search), the eldest of two alleged snipers who terrorized the Washington, D.C. region for three weeks last year. Without direct evidence that Muhammad ever fired a shot — How likely is a jury to find him ultimately responsible for the killings?

For details we turn to Catherine Herridge in Virginia Beach, Va.

• New poll results show that Democratic presidential candidates are no better known today than they were three months ago. Do the Dems have enough time to spread their message and give the GOP a competition in 2004?

Cliff May, former RNC communications director, weighs in.

• Are rumors about widespread steroid use in Major League Baseball (search) turning out to be more than just a myth?

We'll ask FNC's sports guy Brian Kilmeade.

The New York Post reports that there is now a third sex tape involving hotel heiress Paris Hilton (search), but this time the other party involved is not male. We'll have the details.

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